Photos, videos & documents

Here you will find a collection of photos, videos and documents of local interest which we hope you will find interesting, informative or amusing. This collection has been put together over several years however we are sure that there is lots more that could be added if we could get our hands on it. If you have anything you would like us to add or if you would like to help us add to or annotate the collection please email us at

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One thought on “Photos, videos & documents

  1. Thank you for another informative issue of Parish Post (Dec/Jan). Re ‘Dreaming of a Green Christmas’, our planet’s average circumferance is just shy of 25,000 miles, so, 6000 car trips equates to some 149 million miles: to our sun and more than half way back! I do not think the ingredients etc. for our average Christmas dinner would have travelled quite that far but when one survey quotes 260,000 miles and another 90,000, either the maths have been wrongly worked out or one dinner is almost three times larger than the other. Clearly, whatever the result, far too much food etc. making up the ‘average’ Christmas dinner has travelled far too far and it is up to the consumer to rectify that. A very happy Christmas to the editorial team.

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