Clunbury Parish Council – Your Councillors

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please click on the link immediately below. Applications close on 14th February 2019.

Clunbury Parish Councillors (as at 29 September 2018)

Mr John Croxton  (Chairman)
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 661018
—————————Address: 6 Clunton, Craven Arms, SY7 0HP
Mr Ian Davies (Vice Chairman)
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 660649
—————————Address: 2 Gunridge, Clunton, Craven Arms SY7 0HX
Mr Karl Bailey
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 660122
Three Ashes, Twitchen, Craven Arms SY7 0HN
Mrs Pat Harding
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 660169
The Orchard, Clunton, Craven Arms SY7 0HZ
Mr David Hill
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 660355
—————————Address: Dutch Cottage, Clunbury, Craven Arms SY7 0HG
Mr Malcolm Jones
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 660294
Ms Lucy Lewis
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 660584
Mrs Sandra Morgan
—-Contact details – Tel: 01588 660601
Shropshire Councillor Nigel Hartin
—-Contact details – Tel: 07583962292
Parish Clerk – Mrs Nancy Adams
—-Contact details – Tel: 01686 671126
–                               Address: New Cwm Farm, Felindre, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1YT