Local Wildlife

Natural Shropshire Website

Ever wondered what wildlife there might be in your area?  You might like to know for general curiosity or perhaps to help apply for Environmental Stewardship funding. The Natural Shropshire website has a ‘Species Biodiversity Map’ which lets you point and click a map, or type in your postcode to find out what has been recorded in your area.  If will also filter out those species that are significant because they are a priority for the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, for the Shropshire Biodiversity Action Plan, or because they are protected species. To see the map go to www.NaturalShropshire.org.uk and click on the Biodiversity Map link at the bottom of the page.

You can also check maps of where species such as Lapwing or Brown Hare have been recorded.  It should be remembered that most people don’t pass on records of their wildlife sightings and county wide surveys of wildlife are rare so the maps are incomplete.  The common plants and birds are not listed here as they would slow the system down too much and a few other species are not yet on the system (some common mammals for example) but otherwise this represents the best source of information about Shropshire wildlife available.

You can also help complete these maps by passing on your sightings of wildlife.  Natural Shropshire also has a ‘Make a species record’ form, where you can record your wildlife sightings and help tell us that Brown Hare is probably more common than the maps suggest.

Comments on these maps or the website are welcome as we are continually making adjustments and would like to make them as useful as possible to those with the most positive influence on Shropshire’s wildlife.

The website address is www.NaturalShropshire.org.uk

For further information contact Dan Wrench, Biodiversity Officer, for Shropshire Council at dan.wrench@shropshire.gov.uk

Pearl Mussels in the River Clun

There is an article about Pearl Mussels in the River Clun in the Spring Issue of Outstanding, the magazine about AONBs. It’s on page 4, click here to read Outstanding (9Mb file).

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