Clunbury Village Hall – contacts and charges

Clunbury Village Hall contacts & key holders

Alister Thompson, Tansey Cottage, Clunbury tel. 01588 661180

Duncan Brown, Pool House Farm, Clunbury  tel. 01588 660578

Hire Charges including electricity (from 1st April 2015)

Individuals or organisations within the parish – £6 per hour

Individuals or organisations outside the parish – £7 per hour

Regular Users – £6 per hour

Full Day – £70

Half Day – £35

A deposit of £10 will be required for birthday parties and similar events, refundable provided that the hall is left in a clean and tidy state.

To find out when the Hall is booked and when it is available click here.

One thought on “Clunbury Village Hall – contacts and charges

  1. The Macmillan Coffee Morning at Clunbury Village Hall on Friday 25th September 2015, was a huge success, thank you to everyone who came And joined us for cake, coffee and a good giggle, thank you to everyone who donated scrummy cakes and raffle prizes, and thanks to all who help tidy the village hall up afterwards, it was very much appreciated.
    Duncan won “spot the cake” game and Barbara Freeman won “guess how many 100’s and 1000’s are on the cake” game, altogether we raised a huge £235.00.
    Thank you all again.
    Laura X

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