Documents of local interest

Here you can acces a range of documents of local interest.

Clunbury 1896

This transcript (reproduced with the kind permission of Sheila Train) is of a talk given in St Swithin’s  Church by Chris Train of Holland House, Clunbury on the occasion of a ‘Clunbury 1896 Weekend’ held in June 1996 to celebrate the centenary of the publication of A.E. Housman’s `A Shropshire Lad’ . The talk contains references to many of the buildings and residents of Clunbury and the surrounding area.

1891 Census Clunbury Village

Clunbury houses and occupiers 1896

WI Record from 1980

Big 10Mb file  but this WI competition entry is well worth waiting for.

Clunbury makes it into Life magazine (14th June 1943)

This edition of the famous American magazine contained an article on Literary England which included mention of A. E. Houseman and a photograph of Clunbury. The link above should take you to page 81 where the photo is but beware, you might get drawn into browsing the other 100 plus pages.

Clunbury Church Records

Records from 1574 to 1812 are available here click on the Clunbury (1574-1812) link.

Dick Royds – Vicar of Clunbury 1955 – 1974

Cutting from the Church Times?

Bellringing in past times

Written by Michael Meredith in 1987 about bellringing in the 1940s.

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