Welcome to our website

This website is for the parish of Clunbury in South Shropshire in the UK. Through the site you can access the current and all the back issues of our newsletter ‘The Parish Post’. You can also find information about our Parish Council, Purslow Show 2015, the Parish Plan Review that is taking place and some of the events coming up in the near future. We are also trying to improve the photos, documents and videos pages but this is still work in progress. Use the tabs above to select which you want.

A previous incarnation of this website had a lot more content but became too large for one person to maintain, hence this drastically slimmed down version. Much of the old site is still available by following this link. If you would like to help maintain and develop this new version of the site please email tpp.org@gmail.com

One thought on “Welcome to our website

  1. Interesting reading, many of the old names mentioned, I remember well. Clunbury Hall and the Morris’s, I used to call her granny Morris, she was my Father’s God Mother.Louise Morris was in love with my Grandfather Edward Brettell-Vaughan of the Cwm Hall, but he had married someone else. I spent most of my childhood in Clunbury, we used to borrow a green pushchair from the Meredith’s. I was christened in Clunbury church.

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